Top 10 News From Dearborn In July 2017

Here are the headlines that occupied Dearborn News last month:

Here are the headlines that occupied Dearborn News last month:

1. Dearborn Brothers Develop Unique Basketball App
Basketball coaches, listen up. There’s a new hoop app on the market that’s going to make your life a whole bunch easier.

2. Dearborn Homecoming: Fun For Everyone
From the City of Dearborn: Families looking to have a great time on a budget can find plenty to do at Dearborn Homecoming’s festival Aug.

3. Maker Faire takes over Henry Ford museum in Dearborn
Aeriq Abu-Seman, 10, didn’t think the wood and foam car he crafted was aerodynamic enough. “See how horrible it looks,” he said.

4. Dearborn Police seek suspect in drug store robbery
Anyone with information about the incident or suspect should call Dearborn Police at (313) 943-2241 or Crime Stoppers of Michigan.

5. Former Dearborn Council Member Nancy Hubbard Dies
Longtime City Council Member Nancy Hubbard died Tuesday.

6. Former Dearborn City Clerk Sentenced
Former Dearborn City Clerk Kathleen Buda was recently sentenced in connection with an embezzlement scandal.

7. Blow Up Michigan Fireworks Law, Dearborn Residents Say
Residents of Dearborn added their voices to a chorus of criticism on petition calling for repeal of Michigan’s fireworks law.

8. Dearborn community mourns teen who drowned in Cass Lake
The teen’s body was found by divers in about 9 feet of water early this morning.

9. Fireworks Violations Costly in Dearborn
Fines of up to $500 can be assessed by the city of Dearborn for fireworks ordinance violations.

10. Mustang gets ‘Good Neighbor Mode’ after engineer has 911 called for loud exhaust
Nearly everyone can picture themselves with a pillow squished over their head as a neighbor’s aggressive exhaust roars in the wee hours of the morning.

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