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المنتدى الثقافي في ديربورن – واقع النظام التعليمي في الولايات المتحدة للأستاذ حيدر مازن [Video | Arabic]

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​منتدى الفكر والإبداع في مرايا الأدب والنقد والثقافة! بقلم ​آمال عوّاد رضوان

منتدى الفكر والإبداع في مرايا الأدب والنقد والثقافة! آمال عوّاد رضوان أقامَ منتدى الفِكر والإبداع ندوةً أدبيّةً في كليّةِ الناصرةِ للفنون، تناولت الكتابَ النقديَّ "مرايا في الأدب والنقد والثقافة" للدكتور محمد خليل، وذلك بتاريخ 29-8-2018، ووسط حضور نخبويٍّ من شعراءَ وأدباء، وقد افتتحَ اللقاءَ د. محمد خليل بكلمةٍ ترحيبيّةٍ بالحضور، ووقف على بعض الأمور التنظيميّةِ ...

Dr. Kristine Ajrouch: Effective Strategies to Help Youth Cope with Prejudice and Discrimination

Dr. Kristine Ajrouch, is Professor of Sociology at Eastern Michigan University. She is also Adjunct Research Professor at the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan. Her research has focused, for over twenty years, on Arab Americans in the U.S. beginning with ethnic identity formation among adolescent children of immigrants followed by a ...

I Really Can’t Cast Your Ballot for You, Ma’am by BN Aziz

“The fight of my life…”; ”Republicans take a sledgehammer to Medicare…”; “Triple your impact to STOP…”; “Lowering our chance…”; “What’s at stake? Everything…”; “Last chance…”; “Numbers don't lie…”; “They’re scared we’ll win...”, warns yet another slogan, and on and on. As if to say: “We (the Democratic Party) are scared, and we want you to ...

Top 10 News From Dearborn Last Month

Here are the headlines that occupied Dearborn News last month:

Literature Can Displace Anthropology

When I was well into my career as an anthropologist specializing in Himalayan peoples, I came across an historical episode concerning two no-longer living but obviously brilliant women who had performed remarkable political feats in the early 20th century. I undertook to uncover their stories, determined first because, inspired by feminist revelations, I myself was ...