Manal Badreddine – Untitled – Dearborn Open Mic  

Reenoun: 60 Degrees in February – Dearborn Open Mic Reenoun opens the Dearborn Open Mic with her poem "60 Degrees in February".   You can listen to more poetry by Reenoun in her Poetry Open Mic meetup events. You are invited to the next Dearborn Open Mic event on June 7, 2017, at 7:00PM. Facebook Event Page: Meetup Event Page:

Dearborn Arabic Open Mic – Bashar Darwish – فضحتنا صفحات الماء في شط العرب

Dearborn Arabic Open Mic – Bashar Darwish – فضحتنا صفحات الماء في شط العرب

Dearborn Arabic Open Mic – Bashar Darwish – ناوليني كاس نار

Dearborn Arabic Open Mic – Bashar Darwish – أزار الليل Azar Allayl

Dearborn Arabic Open Mic – Bashar Darwish – Mazmiz قصيدة مزمز

Dearborn Arabic Open Mic – Wissam Charafeddine – ببساطة احبك

Dearborn Arabic Open Mic – Nisreen Faraj – We Judge – 4-12-17

The Ugly Cousin Scoop: “Dear Dearborn Heights…”

They say sarcasm is anger’s ugly cousin. And cheating’s ugly cousin is flirting, or so I’ve heard. Well, Dearborn has an ugly cousin too. About as ugly as a festering boil on the red side of a baboon’s ass. Well, maybe not THAT ugly. But certainly that inflamed. Fellow outsiders, I introduce to you: the ...


10×10 Presents Girl Rising! From Academy Award-nominated director Richard E. Robbins, award-winning Documentary Group, Vulcan Productions and Intel Corporation comes Girl Rising - an innovative new feature film about the power of education to change a girl -- and the world. In theaters March 7th, 2013. Visit to learn how to bring Girl Rising to your local ...

The Gas Station War Zone

I have read before that the Gas Station Attendant job is one of the most dangerous in America. Why do Arabs in Michigan insist on dominating this dirty business? Are their lives cheap enough to be worth $9/hour + 50% chance of death? And why can't Gas Station attendants form a Union to defend their ...

The Islamic Centers Scoop: Five Customs That Are Unique To Dearborn Mosques

Dearborn, Michigan is home to highest concentration of Arabs outside of the Middle East, as well as the greatest number of Islamic institutions in the Western world. These centers and organizations have been invaluable in serving the Muslim community and in keeping Islamic traditions alive and active. Muslims throughout the Americas and Europe have envied ...


The LA-AH Scoop: The Many Ways To Say “No” In Dearborn

No means no! We all know that. But “yes” can also mean no. So can “maybe”. So can “inshallah”. So can “of course! I’ll be there!” Outsiders, I’m sure you’re confused. But Dearborners know exactly what I’m talking about. In a word, there are so many ways to say “no” in Dearborn that we’ve forgotten ...


” Beirut, I Love You ” booktrailer for Zena el Khalil

Beirut I Love You is Zena el Khalil’s rollicking yet tender memoir about living in a city that thrives on contrasts and contradictions. This is the story of Zena, a young woman who has fallen under the spell of a city that threatens to engulf her in war, grief and love affairs. In the streets armed militias ...

The Death Camp Scoop: Confessions Of An Arabic School Survivor

Previously, I touched upon the horrific institution of Arabic School as a last resort for parents who want to discipline their kids. Of course, that is an exaggeration. Arabic School is not meant to punish kids. It’s meant to serve a number of far greater purposes, such as language education, cultural awareness, and religious foundation. ...

The Slipper Scoop: Whoopin’ Dearborn Style!

Let’s face it, folks. There’s nothing like a good beating to really counter a child’s misbehavior. Yes, we know that it’s the 21st century now and ‘hugs not drugs’ and all that crap… but dissenters of this argument better have a really good explanation for why kids today are so outrageously arrogant, self-centered, and disrespectful. ...

Harlem Shakes in Dearborn and Some Arabic Ones!

University of Michigan - Dearborn: University of Michigan - Ann Arbor: Wayne State University: Detroit Family: Hilbury Theater: Arab Edition: Another: Saudi: Iraqi Style: Egypt Style: But they got arrested!:

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