​Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Quits Facebook. The Media Bungled the Story. by Cal Newport

AOC Quit Facebook. The Media Bungled the Story. April 18, 2019 Photo by bruce mars from Pexels Over the weekend, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced on a podcast that she was quitting Facebook as part of her efforts to cut back on her social media use more generally. This was big news because the 29-year-old AOC is ...

Dearborn Open Mic English launches with a Big Bang


Parisians Face The Flames and Tragedy with Singing

Parisians gather outside burning Notre Dame to sing hymns Hours after a blaze engulfed the roof of the centuries-old Notre Dame Cathedral, distraught Parisians and stunned tourists lined the banks of the Seine River, gazing in disbelief. Christians sang liturgical songs such as Hail Mary and Ave Maria, as the inferno raged at the cathedral. ...

المنتدى الثقافي في ديربورن – الفرقة الموسيقية تقدم مهما يتجرح بلدنا للفنان زكي ناصيف

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVRcPyyJvD8   مهما يتجرح بلدنا منلمو ولو كنا قلال قلال ولكن ما تعودنا نبكي و نندب ع الأطلال أهل مروة هيك ربينا وبالعدة قلايل مش عجيبة لولا كبينا الكبوة للأصايل لا سهوتنا ولاصبوتنا بتصحينا من كبوتنا ما ألنا إلا مروتنا المروة بتخلق أبطال بلدنا غنى المحبة تصارت موالو صارت تنمى حبة حبة وتكبر مع أطفالو ...

Podcast Series: Arab American Identity with Dr. Hani Bawardi Eps. 4

In this episode, Wissam Charafeddine discusses with Dr. Hani Bawardi the First Arab Conference in Paris in 1913.

GenEd: All Testing Left Behind

"Testing, not kids, is what's failing across America."

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