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Parenting Through Separation and Divorce

Divorce is a short-term crisis and a long-term process of understanding and healing for families. Statewide, Michigan had 29,708 divorces in 2014, a rate of 6 divorces per 1,000 residents, which is 14 percent lower than the number of divorces in 2004. There were 1.92 marriages for every divorce in 2014, the highest ratio since ...

GenEd: A Cocky Teenage Girl and The Weeknd Changed My Life (Part One: Lama)

Lama sat me down and made me humble. Then The Weeknd showed me that only losers go to school.

A Yemeni-American Experience

If you were to enter my neighborhood, you might be either shocked or feel very at home, Here are some things you would notice....

Why Our Jokes on Mental Health are Unintentionally Destroying Lives

Even though mental health is slowly becoming more normalized in our community, the jokes haven't stopped.

GenEd: Sucking Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

...until we stop blaming this “new generation” for sucking, we must first admit that sucking doesn’t fall far from the tree. These kids are in fact the report cards of what we’ve put into them.

Dearborn Muslims Approach Summer with High Spirits and a Renewed State of Being

Most Dearborn schools have been out for about a week and some college spring classes have come to a close. The city celebrated the end of the Holy month of Ramadan and celebrated Eid Al-Fitr on Saturday for some and Sunday for others.

GenEd: The “Suckiest” Generation

So then, let us talk about this “new generation”. Pause for a moment. Sit back, close your eyes, and answer the following question: “Describe this ‘new generation’ in one or two words”. So what did you come up with? “Spoiled”? “Entitled?” “Disrespectful”? I posed this question to adults (ages 30-65). They replied: “Lost cause.” “Products.” ...

The Death Camp Scoop: Confessions Of An Arabic School Survivor

Previously, I touched upon the horrific institution of Arabic School as a last resort for parents who want to discipline their kids. Of course, that is an exaggeration. Arabic School is not meant to punish kids. It’s meant to serve a number of far greater purposes, such as language education, cultural awareness, and religious foundation. ...

The Slipper Scoop: Whoopin’ Dearborn Style!

Let’s face it, folks. There’s nothing like a good beating to really counter a child’s misbehavior. Yes, we know that it’s the 21st century now and ‘hugs not drugs’ and all that crap… but dissenters of this argument better have a really good explanation for why kids today are so outrageously arrogant, self-centered, and disrespectful. ...

The Hour Scoop: A Breakdown Of Dearborn’s ‘Arabic Time’

“Er-a-beek time. ER-A-BEEK time! ER-A-BEEK ER-A-BEEK ER-A-BEEK Time!” Dearborners of the 90’s will recall this funny little tune from the evening lineup of the Arabic television station “Sada El Arab”, which was, until the advent of Internet and satellite TV, Dearborn’s only link to the Arab world. But Arabic Time isn’t just a childhood memory; ...