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Dearborn Open Mic – Ms. Henda Al-Biatty – Classroom At Home

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كامل بزي يقرأ عن الأم في الشعر و المثل العربي في المنتدى الثقافي في ديربورن

مقدمة السيد علي السندي و تقديم الأستاذ كامل بزي:ـ كامل بزي يقرأ عن الأم في الشعر و المثل العربي:ـ  

Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Clean

Bedroom: Morning: Make the bed Wipe your bedside table Night: Rehang clothes Put dirty clothes in the laundary basket Bathroom: Morning: Spray your shower with cleaner after each shower Hang towels on bards and robes on hooks Night: Keep a laundary basket in bathroom for towels Wipe bathroom counter and clear clutter Kitchen: Morning: Empty ...

Digital Minimalism and Ancestral Health (Or, Would Grok Tweet?)

Source: Digital Minimalism and Ancestral Health (Or, Would Grok Tweet?) March 17, 2019 The ancestral health movement argues that over long periods of time, evolution adapts species to their environments. It follows that when it comes to human well-being, we should pay attention to how we ate and behaved throughout the vast majority of our ...

Sponsors Needed for Dearborn Blog 2.0

Welcome to Dearborn Blog. Dearborn Blog was launched in 2013 to be a platform for the authentic voices of the Dearborn/Dearborn Heights community. We talk about Dearborn’s citizens, culture, and community. We talk about Dearborn history. We talk about Dearborn business. We talk about Dearborn’s food, culture, events, tradition, and society. Let’s talk about the ...

المنتدى الثقافي في ديربورن د. فائق الأسدي: الإدمان على المخدرات بين العائلة و المدرسة و المجتمع

مقدمة الدكتور حسن بزي:ـ   SPONSORS:    

Digital Minimalism for Parents

Digital Minimalism for Parents March 2, 2019 One of the more interesting things about being on the road promoting Digital Minimalism is encountering readers and learning how they’re making use of these ideas. One such group that’s particularly interesting to me is digital minimalist parents. I’m a parent, but the oldest of my three boys ...