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Welcome to Dearborn Blog.

Dearborn Blog was launched in 2013 to be a platform for the authentic voices of the Dearborn/Dearborn Heights community. We talk about Dearborn’s citizens, culture, and community. We talk about Dearborn history. We talk about Dearborn business. We talk about Dearborn’s food, culture, events, tradition, and society. Let’s talk about the City of Dearborn, Michigan. And let’s get our story straight and out!

With about 30 uncensored contributors who reflect different facets of the city, from young high school students, to professors, politicians, thinkers, and senior citizens who carry the history of this city, a vibrant and variant stories are told from and about DEARBORN.

Dearborn Blog publishes its content mainly on, but it also has a Facebook page, twitter page, YouTube Chanel, Instagram page, and podcasts on both iTunes and stitcher.

Dearborn Blog have successfully launched the Dearborn Open Mic in Arabic, from which the Arab American Center for Culture and Arts were founded, and the Dearborn Open Mic in English, to facilitate a platform of artistic and intellectual free expression for Dearborn’s community. We broadcast live these events and also publish with high quality to all our platforms.

Dearborn Blog just started two new series, one about the Arab American Identity, and the other will be a series of interviews of residents of Dearborn and Dearborn Heights who are witnesses on history.

Now, Dearborn Blog is planning to launch more programs, increase contributors to 100 contributors, encouraging the artistic and intellectual expression of its community and youth. We are also giving you the opportunity of actually choosing the story. Here is how we will do this.

We are looking for 20 business or individual sponsors who will commit to a $200 partnership a month. They will pick the program they want to sponsor from a list or add to it their own ideas. Dearborn Blog stays away from advertisement and commercialism to keep the authentic voice of the Blog, but we will be mentioning our sponsors in our various programs, they will be displayed in banners on the site and with some articles and videos and podcasts. Also, with your partnership, you get to pick some of the projects that you want us to work on … so you will be sort of one of the directors of the blog.

If you are interested in partnership today, please go to There is a little form you will fill and reserve your spot out of twenty partners.

Thank you for your time.