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  1. We Judge by Nisreen Faraj
  2. ببساطة أحبك للشاعر وسام شرف الدين
  3. مزمز للشاعر بشار درويش
  4. إزار الليل – بشار درويش


  1.  Manal Badreddine – Untitled – Dearborn Open Mic
  2. Thirst – Manal Badreddine – Dearborn Open Mic
  3. Reenoun: 60 Degrees in February – Dearborn Open Mic
  4. Dearborn Arabic Open Mic – Ali Mortadha Alsendy – من أين أنت؟ السيد علي مرتضى السندي
  5. Wissam Charafeddine recites Color of Life at Dearborn Open Mic
  6. I Slashed My Heart Over The Sun by Manal Badreddine recited at Dearborn Open Mic


  1. Fatimah Alhussieni Recites Baghdad Poem at Dearborn Open Mic
  2. Poet Ali Alsendy Recites A Poem About Iftar Food Pictures in Dearborn Open Mic
  3. Ali Alsendy recites poem “I don’t Love You” in the Dearborn Open Mic
  4. In My Presence Poem by Wissam Charafeddine
  5. Poet Ali Alsendy Recites A Poem About Iftar Food Pictures in Dearborn Open Mic
  6. AlTafseer: A Poem by Wissam Charafeddine


  1. Ali Alsendy Recites for Iraq’s Victory in Dearborn Open Mic
  2. Fatimah Alhussieni Recites “Immigrant” in Dearborn Open Mic
  3. Climbing Leaves by Wissam Charafeddine in Dearborn Open Mic
  4. Do I Truly Love him? by Ali Alsendy in Dearborn Open Mic
  5. The Capital of Love by Ali Alsendy in the Dearborn Open Mic
  6. Part of “Take Our Kids to Germany” Poem by Wissam Charafeddine in Dearborn Open Mic
  7. Since When Did We Have A Homeland? By Fatimah AlHussieni in DOM
  8. “Be like a tree” by Wissam Charafeddine كن كالشجرة للسيد وسام شرف الدين


  1. Coming soon: Immigrants by Gil Guevara


  1. Nick Vujicic in Arabic by Haidar Mazen
  2. Ali Elsendy Electrifies The Dearborn Open Mic Once Again
  3. Racism Smiles On S. Brady by Yasmine Badaoui
  4. Amer Zahr … Activism Through Comedy and Writing
  5. Aseel Srour Recites “ID Card” Poem by Mahmoud Darwish in Dearborn Open Mic
  6. Ambassador of Poetry … Dr. Ali Ajami
  7. Inside by Wissam Charafeddine in Dearborn Open Mic
  8. Sabah ElKhair Ya Hilwa by Wissam Charafeddine coming soon




  1. Dr. Hassan Bazzi – إشكالية تعليم اللغة العربية
  2. Dr. Ali Ajami Recites “Adhin Bilal” Poem in Dearborn Open Mic
  3. Ali Elsendy Presents Two New Poems in Dearborn Open Mic
  4. Syrian Poet, Ibaa Ismael, Recites in Dearborn Open Mic the Pains of Syria
  5. Ahmed Al-Ansari Discusses His PhD Dissertation about Iraqi Identity in Dearborn
  6. Wissam Charafeddine
  7. Shaif Alzaokari, Yemeni Poet at Dearborn Open Mic (Arabic – Video)


  1. Dr. Ali Ajami Speaks About the Transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem
  2. Amer Zahr Recites “Story About A Man Named Shafeek” in Dearborn Open Mic
  3. Nadia Hamdan Recites “Fiqh Ishky” in Dearborn Open Mic (Arabic – Video)
  4. Shaif Alzaokari Recites in Dearborn Open Mic “Jabeen Wifaky”
  5. Ibaa Ismael Participates with Short Poems in Arabic and English in DOM
  6. Amer Zahr on House Hunters International – Jerusalem in DOM


  1. Nabil Hammoud Recites for Jerusalem in Dearborn Open Mic
  2. Sadeq AlAli Recites A Poem at DOM titled “An Old Woman in Her 20’s”
  3. Yasser Saad Recites His Poetry in Dearborn Open Mic (Video – Arabic)
  4. Nabil Hammoud Recites His Poem About Ahd Altamimi
  5. Killy Jones Recites “Can’t Be That, Why Do That” in Dearborn Open Mic
  6. Fatimah Alhussieni Participates in Dearborn Open Mic
  7. Dearborn Open Mic – Wissam Charafeddine – “Let Me Love You Few Years”
  8. Dearborn Open Mic: Mohamad Hammoud Recites “The Yellow Flag”
  9. Dearborn Open Mic: Wissam Charafeddine Recites My Healer


  1. Professor Abdulelah Elsaigh
  2. Michael Ibrahim
  3. Dr. Ali Ajami
  4. Nisreen Faraj Criticizes Nationalism and Bragging Among Arab Americans
  5. Shaif Alzaokari
  6. Fatme Hachem
  7. Nabil Hammoud
  8. Mohamad Hammoud:


  1. Kamel Bazzi: Mr. Kamil Bazzi Talks About The Journey of Writing His New Book “Immigrant Pens” in Dearborn Open Mic
  2. Dr. Abdulelah Elsaigh: Professor Abdulelah Elsaigh Speaks About “Immigrant Pen” and Its Author in Dearborn Open Mic
  3. Adnan Beydoun: Adnan Beydoun: Our Cultural Forums Have Become Dancers For New Gods of Politics and Business
  4. Yousef Alqamoussi: Dearborn Open Mic – Mr. Yousef Alqamoussi Reciting “Crazy” and “Hegdar”
  5. Ali Elsendy:
  6. Kamelya Yousef: Kamelya Youssef, the Authentic Arab American Ecopoet Activist


Arabic Cultural Forum (Click For Podcast):

  1. الأستاذ المصيفي الركابي: First Arabic Poetry Published Book in Japanese Haiku Style by Dearborn’s AlMisiafy AlRikabi (Video)
  2. إباء إسماعيل: Poet Ibaa Ismael Reads New Poems in Dearborn Open Mic
  3. محمد شرارة: Zajal by Mohamad Charara in Dearborn Open Mic
  4. محمد حمود: Mr. Mohamad Hammoud Recites His Zajal in Dearborn Open Mic
  5. علي السندي:

English Open Mic:

  1. Amer Zahr: “Their Flags Are Everywhere” by Amer Zahr in Dearborn Open Mic
  2. Nisreen Faraj: Dearborn Open Mic – Nisreen Faraj – The Girl That Draws – One Bullet and Two CHoices
  3. Samar Kassem: Dearborn Open Mic – Samar Kassem – Akzam 3ala Ahram (Midgets on Pyramids)
  4. Yasmeen Badaoui: Dearborn Open Mic – Yasmine Badaoui – Selection of Poems


  1. “From Laborers to Culture Makers” by Dr. Sally Howell at Dearborn Open Mic Tonight
  2. Dearborn Open Mic – Dr. Sally Howell: A History of the Arabs in Dearborn
  3. Kamal Alabdaly Recites a Short Story in Dearborn Open Mic
  4. Reoun recites “Mother” and “Company Car” in Dearborn Open Mic
  5. الشاعر صبحي سعد يلقي قصائد الزجل في المنتدى الثقافي في ديربورن










  1. يقدم البرنامج الدكتور حسن بزي، عضو المركز العربي الأمريكي للثقافة والفنون
  2. ندوة بعنوان: الحب في زمن الإنترنت للدكتور عدنان جابر
  3. السفير الدكتور علي عجمي يقرأ نزار قباني
  4. علي السندي
  5. ياسر سعد
  6. أندلسيات يقدمها الفنان زياد نصر بمرافقة الفنان فيكتور غنّام