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Black Friday Deals Excel Sheet

Category Price Store Notes Electronics DVD PLAYERS BLU-RAY PLAYERS LG BP175 Streaming Audio Blu-Ray Player $49.99 Best Buy Doors open 5pm Thursday LG Smart Blu-Ray Player $49.00 Walmart $10 Vudu Credit with Purchase; Black Friday Begins Online Wed at 10pm ET and In Stores Thurs at 6pm LG UBK90 Streaing 4K UHD Hi-Res Audio Wi-Fi ...


New Arab Women-centered Films Are Not Just About Women

Too often, we are overwhelmed with woeful tales, painful memoirs and worn analyses of Arab/Muslim women. Most depictions, whether we’re besieged in a war, or if we’re just trying to get by making small advances like women anywhere, we are invariably portrayed as hapless victims. We’re in need of succor, or reform, or rescue. Writings ...

Top 10 News From Dearborn Last Month

Here are the headlines that occupied Dearborn News last month:

Getting Out The Vote–Field Notes by BNimri Aziz

There’s a big push underway- it appears to be primarily a Democrat plan-- for GOTV. GOTV is not a videogame; it’s the acronym of Get-Out-The-Vote. Behind this drive is the conviction: ‘If registered Democrats will simply get off their butts, drag themselves to the polls and check boxes for everyone running in their party’s column, ...