W Design and DevelopmentW Design and Development

We are a group of artists, developers and marketing specialists who strive to make art-inspired technology that works for our clients and expands upon their mission.



iCode is a modern, welcoming, creative space for facilitating lifelong learning to accommodate the needs and aspirations of the community through education and arts.



To create a safe, supportive, and open-minded environment for the exchange of thoughts and ideas among current and former Muslims; to foster a pluralistic society that respects the rights of all individuals to live according to their conscience; and to abolish blasphemy and apostasy laws across the globe.

Copy of o.pngArab American Center for Culture and Arts

Cultivating Arab American Culture and Arts

the mandala communityALNADWA – Free Thinking Society

Building a freethinking community that promotes creativity, critical thinking, free thinking, culture, and arts, embraces science and reason, and celebrates diversity.

W Planner

Over 30 years of evolution of planners and methods to self-organize and goal-set have passed, and the result of all my years of experience, reading, productivity analysis is this W Planner. This planner will take you through a journey of developing your personal mission, vision, and value statements. Then it will take you into creating your goals, and drawing a five-year plan to achieve some of these goals. The planner then will divide these goals with their measures to monthly steps, and the monthly steps into weekly goals. Then the day to day planner is divided to half an hour increments.The planner also is loaded with other items, like the morning and shut down rituals, desires and incentives, connect list, film/show list, places to visit list, and resolutions.It also includes reflections, daily gratitude boxes, daily focus task boxes, and daily memorable moment boxes.

25348797_391083648012305_1208281345370865080_n (1)Wissam Charafeddine

Wissam, Wesley, or simply W, is an educator, writer, entrepreneur, engineer, activist, ex-Imam, humanist, liberal thinker with interest and mediocre attempt at many takes of life.  A modern skeptic Renaissance man, who uses doubt as a path for emancipation and science as a road towards enlightenment.