If You Know by Wissam Charafeddine in Dearborn Open Mic

Ahmed Al-Ansari Discusses His PhD Dissertation about Iraqi Identity in Dearborn   A full lecture by Ahmed Al-Ansari is coming soon to Dearborn Open Mic.  

Yasmine Badaoui: Notorious RBG at Dearborn Open Mic

Be Like A tree by Wissam Charafeddine

Be like a tree, a poem recited in Arab by Wissam Charafeddine in the Dearborn Open Mic about being like a tree in its peace and giving.  

Del Taco Receipt Analysis

A Hobby Sparks Fulfillment

Do something you love because you enjoy it, whatever it may be. The ROI is extremely rewarding not only in self-fulfillment but in your professional career as well.  Doing something that you love for work is like meeting someone you love and marrying them.  It's the same analogy with doing what you love for work. ...

Pink Floyd presents “Wait for Her” by Mahmoud Darwish Lyrics With a glass inlaid with gemstones On a pool around the evening Among the perfumed roses Wait for her With the patience of a packhorse Loaded for the mountains Like a stoic, noble prince Wait for her With seven pillows laid out on the stair The scent of womens' incense fills the air ...

Racism Smiles On S. Brady by Yasmine Badaoui

Yasmine Badaoui is a free lance writer, and she is an editor in Miss Muslim.She has a bachelors degree in Psychology from Iowa State University. Yasmine recited her poem at the Dearborn Open Mic last Wednesday that talks about the controversial Statue of Hubbard and the discussion of its removal from Dearborn.