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Manal Badreddine – Untitled – Dearborn Open Mic  

Reenoun: 60 Degrees in February – Dearborn Open Mic Reenoun opens the Dearborn Open Mic with her poem "60 Degrees in February".   You can listen to more poetry by Reenoun in her Poetry Open Mic meetup events. You are invited to the next Dearborn Open Mic event on June 7, 2017, at 7:00PM. Facebook Event Page: Meetup Event Page:

Dearborn Arabic Open Mic – Bashar Darwish – فضحتنا صفحات الماء في شط العرب

Dearborn Arabic Open Mic – Bashar Darwish – فضحتنا صفحات الماء في شط العرب

Dearborn Arabic Open Mic – Bashar Darwish – ناوليني كاس نار

Dearborn Arabic Open Mic – Bashar Darwish – أزار الليل Azar Allayl

Dearborn Arabic Open Mic – Bashar Darwish – Mazmiz قصيدة مزمز

Dearborn Arabic Open Mic – Wissam Charafeddine – ببساطة احبك

Dearborn Arabic Open Mic – Nisreen Faraj – We Judge – 4-12-17


” Beirut, I Love You ” booktrailer for Zena el Khalil

Beirut I Love You is Zena el Khalil’s rollicking yet tender memoir about living in a city that thrives on contrasts and contradictions. This is the story of Zena, a young woman who has fallen under the spell of a city that threatens to engulf her in war, grief and love affairs. In the streets armed militias ...

Harlem Shakes in Dearborn and Some Arabic Ones!

University of Michigan - Dearborn: University of Michigan - Ann Arbor: Wayne State University: Detroit Family: Hilbury Theater: Arab Edition: Another: Saudi: Iraqi Style: Egypt Style: But they got arrested!:

Is Dearborn A City or A Settlement?

What makes a city a city and not a settlement?! A bunch of people living in houses in a large place makes a settlement. In order for a settlement to become a city, things need to happen. A city is where humans build a network of services, activities, and relationships, paint it with culture, literature, ...

Quasimodo… you have nothing to worry about!…..

Years ago, on a cold snowy winter day, I recall randomly walking into a remote café, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, punch drunken by overwhelm and struck by emotion. I saw her, and she was beautiful. I made one mistake though ... I did not pay attention to where I was. Unlike James Blunt ...

The Wedding Scoop: The Exclusive Rules of the Dearborn Wedding

I attended (yet another) Dearborn wedding last weekend, and in the process realized just how wildly unique these occasions truly are. Over the years, the Dearborn wedding culture has evolved into a beast of its own. Blending Middle Eastern and Arab-American traditions, Dearborn weddings have become a hashed hodge-podge of extravagant tedium. (Dearborners may find ...