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Podcast Series: Arab American Identity with Dr. Hani Bawardi Eps. 1

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The Diplomat – A Dearborn Blog Podcast Series

In a series of interviews, Ambassador Dr. Ali Ajami will be reflecting on his life journey as a teacher, a journalist, and a diplomat.  The interviews will explore history as witnessed by Ambassador Dr. Ali Ajami during his life time, and the various posts he occupied in his professional life. The interviews are conducted by ...

Podcast: المنتدى الثقافي في ديربورن 7 شباط 2019

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From Syria to Michigan: The Flint & Highland Park Pioneers in the Arab American Journey [Podcast]

Hani Bawardi Hani Bawardi is Associate Professor of History in the Department of Social Sciences, and principal member of the Center of Arab American Studies at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. He is the author of The Making of Arab Americans: From Syrian Nationalism to U.S. Citizenship. Bawardi has amassed a sizable private collection of manuscripts, ...