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DARWIN DAY: Islamic Creationism: The Turkish Model

Abstract: Creationism is often thought to be a primarily American, Protestant phenomenon. But rejection of evolution is particularly strong in Muslim populations. In Turkey, which was once thought to be an example of successful political secularism among Muslim countries, the re-Islamization of the last 50 years has been accompanied by stronger opposition to evolution, including promotion of creationist fake science that goes beyond religiously-motivated passive rejection of evolution. The details of the Turkish model of creationism partly depend on specifically Turkish circumstances, which may limit its applicability to other Muslim populations. Nonetheless, the Turkish example still broadly illuminates Muslim resistance to evolution worldwide.

What’s bugging you?

What bugs you? Some insects may be harmless or even beneficial, but if we’ve developed some sort of bias, phobia or generalization towards creepy crawlers and looming flyers, our natural reaction when confronted with one, might be to either smash it, swat it or to get out of its way. Sometimes, it seems like they ...