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Dearborn Open Mic – Ali Sobh Presents “Depression” for the first time

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Dearborn Open Mic – Ali AL Arithy Recites “These Are All The Things I Could’ve Said”

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Concerns Regarding Michigan Marijuana Ballot Proposal

There is an important ballot proposal in Michigan this November, and it’s about legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. I have been asked by several people to opine on how they should vote on this proposal. As a psychiatrist who treats adolescents and young adults, I have my fair share of experience with recreational marijuana ...


A well-known model of acculturation comes from John Berry, a psychologist and theorist, famous for the four-fold model of acculturation strategies. He theorizes that immigrants and immigrant communities generally follow one of four strategies in adapting to their new community. They either assimilate, separate, integrate, or marginalize. Briefly, assimilation is when the immigrant or the ...

Why Our Jokes on Mental Health are Unintentionally Destroying Lives

Even though mental health is slowly becoming more normalized in our community, the jokes haven't stopped.