UFM-Dearborn Introduces 35 New Student Organizations


The University of Michigan-Dearborn has made additions to the campus’s student life this year in the form of 35 new recognized student organizations. A variety of new student organizations are on campus, from those based around athletics, community service, religion, and recreation.

“I’m very proud of where this campus is heading,” said Fareed Shalhout, director of clubs and organizations chair of the Student Organization Advisory Council (SOAC). “I feel that the 35 new organizations that were welcomed this year plays a huge factor in the growth of this university, especially with housing on campus.”

Shalhout expressed that the SOAC can help the organizations experience success, but stated that the organizations work hard for recognition.

“I feel that with the increase of the SOAC budget, it allows new organizations to be created and to be recognized on campus through events,” said Shalhout. “The organizations are not afraid to take a step to make a name for themselves on campus.”

With the addition of 35 new student organizations, there are now over 160 organizations on campus. The main goal of expanding student life is to give students an opportunity to become involved with their campus activities and make friends, giving everyone a memorable, college experience.

“It’s important to have new organizations because it brings a different aspect to campus,” Shallout said, “I see everyone has a different approach to bring the students into the campus community.”

Shalhout has worked step by step with the leaders of the new student organizations while they were trying to turn their prospective organization into a reality.

“I see how the organizations started, from planning their constitution, to seeing where they are now with their success. It is a proud moment for me.”

Many students may have an idea for a potential student organization, but may not know where to turn for guidance on making their idea a reality. Students who are interested in creating their own student organization on campus can visit the Office of Student Engagement or contact Shalhout directly at fyshalho.

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