Coming Together

I sat down on a Wednesday evening thinking of what I can possibly write about. There are many topics to choose from, and despite that, I found myself unable to focus on one to start with.

However, amid such a hostile political environment our world is going through, and such a growing division between people due to their different beliefs and/or views, I’d like to talk about coming together.

We often try to mask our indifferences to one another by a fake smile, or by shallow interactions that do not dare to go beyond skin level. We are constantly running away from each other because we are too afraid to get a closer look into the other person’s world to not be confronted by our own. You see, the truth is,  the more we try to avoid the other, the longer it takes us to find ourselves. I like to think of people as guides rather than strangers who I have no connection with.

Today, let us find home within ourselves and each other. Let us drop all these labels that have divided us into many when in reality we are one. If you identify by a certain nationality, or as a Christian or a Muslim, gay or straight, or whatsoever it is that you identify with, please do yourself a favor and drop these identities as they were given to you by others who had inherited them from those who preceded them.

Today, let us view one another as lights. Yes, it does sound a little weird I know, but that’s only because we have been trained to look at each other as everything but that. I think the moment we start doing so, we’ll work together to help that light grow brighter, and the moment it does, it will have such a positive impact on us as well as those who surround us.

Our world is in desperate need of our efforts to spread awareness among each other. It is our responsibility to ensure we leave it a better place to live and grow for generations to come, and to do so, we need to come together with a strong vision that treats the world with love and respect – the only way I see it deserves to be treated.

  1. Great article. Thanks for the inspiration.



    1. Thank you, Wissam!



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