Let’s Keep our Lawns Clean

A few nights a week, I choose to spend my time at my mom’s. She lives alone and I like to keep her company every now and then.

My mom who lives in Dearborn loves her plants and her lawn but due to weakened knees, she doesn’t always get the chance to cut the grass so when I am over, I try to do it for her.

The problem is that every single time I do it, there are plastics bags, cigarettes, and other forms of garbage scattered across the lawn. When I look at her neighbor’s, I see the same problem. I try to my best ability to clean her lawn from all garbage but they do keep coming back. To me, that’s truly frustrating. Dearborn has a great community and a sense of culture but we have to do a better job with keeping our lawns clean. We have to start teaching ourselves how to respect nature and choose to throw our garbage, no matter how small, where it belongs.

Our kids look up to us, and actions speak louder than words. When they see how we treat nature, they will follow our steps. They will begin to appreciate it themselves and make sure they become examples to others as well.

I know we can do better as a community and as individuals, and sometimes it takes one person at a time to make the change possible.


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