Top 10 News From Dearborn Last Month

Here are the headlines that occupied Dearborn News last month:

Here are the headlines that occupied Dearborn News last month:

1. “Police Probe Of Toddler Shooting At Dearborn Daycare Could Go To Prosecutors Friday”

An investigation into the shooting of two 3-year-old boys at an unlicensed Dearborn child care has yet to be concluded by Dearborn Police. The boys, whom the department said are still in serious but stable condition, were shot by a toddler with a handgun at a home in the 3600 block of Harding Street Wednesday morning.

2. “Dearborn Police Searching For Home Invasion Suspects”

A 19-year-old Detroit man is wanted in connection with a home invasion and multiple thefts from vehicles in Dearborn. Dadontae Owens was named as a person of interest in the cases by Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad in a recent press conference at the department.

3. “See A Biker? Then Move Over Dearborn Drivers”

A new citywide ordinance, enacted unanimously by Dearborn City Council earlier this week, requires that drivers give bikers at least five feet of clearance when passing.

4. “Child Care Shooting Victim’s Grandmother Seeks Financial Help For Damien”

The grandmother of one of the victims in Wednesday’s child care shooting in Dearborn is asking for help to pay the 3-year-old’s medical bills. Cheryl May has started a GoFundMe campaign to help with Damien’s current and future medical needs.

5. “Planet Fitness Larceny Leads To Arrest Of Dearborn Men”

Brighton Police recently arrested two Dearborn men for allegedly breaking into a Planet Fitness locker, stealing a wallet and credit cards. The suspects, both 19, have not yet been arraigned, but will face charges of larceny in a building, stealing or retaining a financial transaction device without consent, and illegal sale or use of a credit card.

6. “KFC Sued For Serving Bacon To Muslim Couple”

A Muslim couple from Dearborn is suing Kentucky Fried Chicken for having recently been served bacon on a chicken sandwiches. An unspecified amount of damages are being sought by the couple, who purchased the sandwiches at a Lincoln Park KFC. They allege cheese and bacon were added to the sandwiches after they requested cheese only, according to a Detroit Free Press

7. “$100M Lawsuit Against Little Caesars Dismissed”

A $100 million lawsuit against Little Caesar’s Pizza filed by a Dearborn man in May has been dismissed. Mohamad Bazzi twice ordered halal pizza from a Schaefer Road Little Caesars in Dearborn, but claimed to have been served and accidentally eaten pepperoni made with pork, a food prohibited by Islamic law.

8. “Gun Owner To Blame For Toddler Shooting: Gun Rights Group”

While the shooting of two 3-year-old boys at a home-based child care in Dearborn by a toddler with a handgun was tragic, the fault lies with the gun owner, says a Michigan gun rights group. “That was clearly gross negligence,” said attorney Steve Dylan of the Michigan Coalition For Responsible Gun Owners. “That was not responsible gun ownership.”

9. “Persistent Dearborn Lottery Player Scores Huge Win”

Persistence pays off, well, at least it did for one Dearborn man. Hani Haidar-Ahmad had played the same set of numbers for the Mega Millions lottery game for two years without winning a penny. That changed when his numbers 16-39-47-53-71 matched all five white Mega Millions balls and won $1 million.

10. “Ford Moves To Help Victims of Mexican Earthquakes”

Ford Motor Company Fund is adding its support to the people of Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands following a week of deadly natural disasters. A pair of powerful earthquakes have struck Mexico this month killing dozens and reducing many buildings to rubble.

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