Top 10 News From Dearborn Last Month

Here are the headlines that occupied Dearborn News last month:

Here are the headlines that occupied Dearborn News last month:

1. “Mayor, Council Seats Up For Grabs In Dearborn”

Nov. 7 is an important day for Dearborn residents. Election Day 2017 will see voters decide on all seven city council seat and determine who will occupy the mayor’s office for the next four years.

2. “Parents charged after 3-year-olds shot in their unlicensed daycare”

Two parents have lost custody of their children and are now charged with multiple felonies after investigators say two 3-year-old boys were shot with an unsecured gun found in a bedroom at their unlicensed, in-home daycare center in Dearborn.

3. “Dearborn Attorney Competes on Jeopardy!”

A Dearborn resident’s appearance on Jeopardy! was a success. Kathleen Kosman appeared on the quiz show on Oct. 20 and earned the right to return by winning.

4. “Dearborn Land Deal Gone Bad Could Hurt O’Reilly”

A deal that was supposed to put a Noodles & Company restaurant and a tea shop at the corner of Howard Street and Michigan Avenue in west Dearborn has backfired on the city, according to a Detroit Free Press report. The city sold the former site of Brothers Tuxedo in June 2015 for $30,000 with a promise that the development would be complete by the fall of 2016.

5. “$75K Defamation Lawsuit Filed Against Dearborn”

A $75,000 lawsuit has been filed against the city of Dearborn for defaming a physical therapist by mistakenly using his photograph in connection with an investigation of a doctor accused of supplying prescription narcotics to local drug dealers. Olajide Akunrounmu filed the suit in U.S. Federal Court in Detroit, according to a Detroit News report.

6. “Dearborn’s Artspace Lofts Earns Award”

The Michigan Downtown Association (MDA) recognized the positive impact of Dearborn’s City Hall Artspace Lofts by naming it the Best Economic Development Private Project over $1 million on Oct. 19.

7. “Alleged Hazing At Dearborn Fordson Under Investigation”

A Dearborn Fordson High student has been suspended after an alleged hazing of a freshman football player at the school on Oct. 9, according to a Dearborn Press and Guide report. The Dearborn Police Department is investigating the incident, multiple media outlets have reported.

8. “Ford Recalls 1.3 Million F-150, Super Duty Trucks”

Ford Motor Company issued a safety recall Wednesday of 1.3 million 2015-17 F-150 and 2017 Super Duty vehicles in North America to add a water shield to side door latches.

9. “Wonderland Music to close after 54 years in Dearborn”

From R&B musicians to hair-metal rockers, just about anyone who has played an instrument in more than a casual capacity in Metro Detroit over the past 50 years knows about Wonderland Music. In the early 1960s, Clarence and his brother, Larry Wayne, opened Wonderland Music in Dearborn. At the end of this month, they will retire and close the store for good.

10. “Bad deal in Dearborn: Lawsuits, punches and a car for the mayor”

The deal was supposed to be simple: The City of Dearborn would sell a vacant piece of property on Michigan Avenue to a company called Homesite Investments for $30,000, and Homesite would build a half-million-dollar development with a restaurant, tea shop and lofts. Three years later, plans have been scrapped, partners have turned on each other and there has been at least one wrestling match in the street. And, the lot is still empty.

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