Top News From Dearborn Last Month

Here are the headlines that occupied Dearborn News last month:

Here are the headlines that occupied Dearborn News last month:

1. Dearborn November 7, 2017 Election results
Election results for the Mayor, City Clerk and City Council

2. “How a suicidal pizza man found himself ensnared in an FBI sting”
Man from Dearborn, Michigan recently involved in FBI sting operation for posing online as a ISIS activist, although this differed from his reality.

3. “Sid Miller Admits to Posting false account Trump removing Muslim judge”
Around the summertime a muslim judge had allowed a ruling for Sharia Law to be practices in Dearborn, MI. A few months later, there were reports of President Trump removing this judge. It turns out the news is untrue.

4. “Man in critical condition after shooting outside Arab-American market in Detroit”
Man recognized as being raised in Dearborn. He was shot twice in the chest after a public shooting.

5. “Is recreational marijuana about to be legalized in Michigan?”
A Dearborn heights House of Representatives member is in favor of recreational marijuana use.

6. “Dearborn education leaders laud Becker Elementary for being names national Blue Ribbon School”
Local Elementary School is honored by the U.S. Education department for their outstanding work!

7. “A 3-year-old shot two toddles in home day care. A Detroit area couple now faces charges.”
A three year old got ahold of his Father’s hand gun and fatally shot two other three year olds. The parents are now being charged.

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