5 of the Newest Restaurants in Dearborn

Did you know that over thirty new businesses have opened up in the downtown Dearborn areas over the past three years? Although we’ve seen closures of long time staples like Lynch’s, the Double Olive, Kiernan’s and Howell’s, there has been a lot of promising development, and more to look forward to. We’re here to showcase the latest additions to the restaurant scene in Dearborn over the past year or so. If you’re looking for a way to get around the area without having to deal with traffic, be sure to check out Allen Park Party Bus.

Common Grace Coffee

22225 Michigan Ave

Having opened in the early spring of 2017, this coffee shop has quickly become a staple. From the unique drinks like the honey lavender matcha latte and fresh pastries like their popular chocolate almond croissant, it’s easy to leave here full and happily caffeinated. The affogatos (coffee mixed with ice cream) are delightful treats through all seasons, and the price is right throughout the menu.

Mint 29

22000 Michigan Ave

Since May of 2017, Mint 29 has been serving up high quality dishes with lovely presentation and cocktails to go along with it. This restaurant used to be a bank and a music store, and the owners completely transformed it while keeping the historic structure in tact. The end result is a rustic yet modern dining choice that’s perfect for dates or a quality dinner with your friends.


10403 Ford Road

The newest addition to the restaurant scene is this Sonic that has just opened in the spring of 2018. It may be a chain, but it’s unique in the sense that it’s the first location of its kind to offer Halal food options to the community. This is a welcome addition to the restaurant scene in Dearborn, and it’s regular hours are expected to be extended with the summer months.

M Cantina

13214 Michigan Ave

Last fall, M Cantina opened their doors to the public. This Mexican restaurant is challenging any notion that the cuisine is cheap. Where else can you get duck tacos? There are all different types of meat to choose from when you choose to order here. The authentic flavors are impressive, and the customer service is as well.

Ford’s Garage

21637 Michigan Ave

Ford’s Garage is a car themed eatery with a lot of history inside! With gas pump door handles and mechanic rags for napkins, they’ve really paid attention to detail when designing this trendy eatery. If you’re a car lover or interested in history, this might be one of your favorite restaurants to enjoy.

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