Top 10 News From Dearborn Last Month

Here are the headlines that occupied Dearborn News last month:

Here are the headlines that occupied Dearborn News last month:

  1. Dearborn homes and the people who have lived in them: The Kosch house
    The Kosches are no strangers to Dearborn. Don is the owner of the Dearborn Sausage Company which was started by his father in 1946. Don continues to make an impact on the Dearborn community through many philanthropic projects such as the “bike share” program. Mary is involved with many charitable community organizations that assist children with special needs. Just as Don has developed an excellent business, so have he and Mary graced the City of Dearborn with a fine dwelling on three quarters of an acre.
  2. Revisit The Classics At Dearborn Library
    Join in this September program to dig deep into some of America’s best novels and writings.
  3. Did All Christian Churches in Dearborn, Michigan, Close in April 2018?
    A notorious producer of fake news attempted to provoke outrage with yet another fabricated memetic claim.
  4. Dearborn House Features Inner Courtyard
    The amenities are endless inside this gated community, but the unique inner courtyard is what really makes this house stand out.
  5. Captured Dearborn man arraigned in Detroit on terrorism charge
    A Dearborn man captured overseas was arraigned Wednesday afternoon in federal court in Detroit, accused of being a fighter for the Islamic State, a group that the United States has been designated a terrorist organization.
  6. A night inside one of University of MIchigan-Dearborn’s ‘toughest’ classes
    Kaitlyn Harder has earned a reputation as a no-nonsense professor
  7. Farbman Group Brokers $1.5M Sale of Office Building in Dearborn, Michigan
    NAI Farbman has arranged the sale of a 35,800-square-foot office building in Dearborn for $1.5 million. The property, originally built in 1972 and formerly the United Airlines building, spans two stories on a 4.5-acre site at 17501 Michigan Ave.
  8. Across Michigan, school districts large and small struggle to put teachers in classrooms
    Michigan school districts are still racing to fill teaching positions before the new school year starts.
  9. Gas prices in Michigan continue back-and-forth game as they drop 10 cents
    For the better part of the last month, Michigan’s gas prices have continued a pattern in rising about 10 cents per gallon one week and then dropping about 10 cents right back to where things started the next.
  10. Canton police break up alleged retail fraud ring with arrests, criminal charges
    Three people were charged Tuesday in connection with an alleged shoplifting ring from which police say they’ve recovered more than $500,000 in stolen merchandise.
  1. Bredeson being the only Michigan player on the Outland watch list is testament to his proven playing ability as well as being Michigan”s best overall lineman. Um”s opponents this year have many players on this list including Wisky with 5 and even Western Mich who actually has TWO! Michigan”s OL can”t get back to the good ole days fast enough! INTJohn



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