Jama Alyad Provides High-Quality Posters for Palestinian Cause

Some projects involve a huge group and go on for months and years; some projects involve a few people with work turned around in days or even hours. All output from the collective is available in PDF form for non-commercial use.


The idea for this collective has been around for many years, if not decades. We have been actively researching artists’ collectives historically speaking in an effort to study what keeps them together but also what drives them apart, to adopt valid ways of working but also avoiding problems that might lead to dissolution. Our basic working premises involve the inherent unity of theory and practice; a belief that action is the equivalent of thought; and that any and all actions presage or weigh toward future manifestations and actions. We describe ourselves in our bylaws and charter in the following way: Jamaa al-Yad is a cultural association the aim of which is the research, implementation, dissemination, and re-establishment of various cultural manifestations including but not limited to craft, design, and art, by focusing on the local, vernacular, indigenous, and popular, using methodologies and means that ideologically reflect models of collaboration, co-operation, and communality, in the belief that such works and such actions are historically shown to, and continue to be likely to, bring about beneficial social change and a betterment of the commonweal. We dedicate ourselves to this effort, and we thank you for stopping by.

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