Five Dearborn Seniors Place 2nd In Michigan in ES Sports High School League

Star International Academy’s 12th grade senior boys (Bahaa Al-Sultani, Waseem Alward, Nader Baaghil, and Wali Fardin) placed 2nd in the state of Michigan for the 2019 State Champs ES Sports High School League Series. They dominated playoffs and made it to the super bowl vs. Troy Athens High School. They fell short by just a few points and took second place. We are VERY PROUD of these boys. WE pride’s ourselves at giving our students a “well-rounded” education by going beyond the classroom environment.


For the past three days these boys lived the college life by staying in the dorms and planning every night their next move verses their upcoming opponents. Team work, strategic planning, and leadership were among the characteristics these boys took on. Along with being recognized by placing 2nd in the state of Michigan, these boys each received a scholarship amount of $54,000 for 4 years if they attend Lawrence Tech University. 


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