Independence Rethink – any day is good to search American history

A few moments of holiday time can be useful to review some history we may think are well known. Here are two events to add to our repertoire of notifications and reflections in connection with US Independence Day.

from columnist Robert Hennelly– facts to remember about New Jersey state history. NJ women had the vote in 1776 but lost it in 1807. It would take more than 100 years and the leadership of NJ native Alice Paul to get it back.

“What to The Slave is 4th July?” from Frederick Douglass, an excerpt from his July 5th, 1852 letter presented at the Rochester New York Ladies Anti-Slavery Society appears on blog page. James Earl Jones’ commanding reading of the passage is available at (the full text of Douglass’ letter can be found on the net.

Our last article appears on

Original articles by BN Aziz also regularly appear on and Some will now be carried by published by R Hanania, Chicago. “The Ever Dependable Bully on Embassy Row” is being reprinted in the monthly Third World Resurgence ( by Third World Network, Penang, Malaysia.

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