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Dearborn Open Mic (English) Next Wednesday August 15, 2018, Featuring Henda Al-Biatty

Henda provious articles in Dearborn Blog: Classroom at Home

الأستاذ مصطفى العربي: العقل العربي بين الحداثة و التقليد

محاضرة ألقيت في المنتدى الثقافي في ديربورن برعاية المركز العربي الأمريكي للثقافة و الفنون و على مسرح المتحف العربي الأمريكي:   الجزء الثاني:   الجزء الثالث و الأخير و نقاش الجمهور:

30 Questions for a Deeper Conversation in 2018

Questions tend to reveal someone's values, qualities, fears, and personal past.  When you are sitting in a bunch, and you feel that the environment is so shallow, that a fish will die in it, it is time to ask some deep questions. Here are some deep questions you can ask, relevant to our time: What ...

​“Holes in the Wall” – Celebrates Area’s Iconic Diners and Restaurants

The work of 5 distinguished photographers is interpreted by 7 talented visual artists in an exhibition at Dearborn’s Padzieski Art Gallery July 12 through August 10. FREE Opening Party & Reception Thursday, July 12 from 6pm to 8pm, plus a special FREE “Art & Appetizers” Gallery Talk Thursday, August 2 (6-8pm). Dearborn, MI – Over ...