Ramadan, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


A lunar month of fasting for Muslims from dawn to sun set…or 20 minutes after sun set!

Fasting from what?

Well, basically, eating, drinking, fucking, jerking off…. But if you want to hear the whole list… Here some more:

Also Fasting from making up shit that God or His Prophets didn’t say

And fasting from sleeping after sex till dawn without doing Ghusul (taking a shower basically when you are standing vertically!)

Well, that is the technical part…

But then, the spiritual…

Let’s see….

You feel with the poor….

Although to tell you the truth, the poor in America are really fat! They eat McDonalds and white castle all day (did you know you can get 10 chicken nuggets from McDonalds for $2 in Detroit!?).

So I guess you feel with the poor in Somalia…

Well…. With an air conditioned basement and an XBoX…. I don’t think so… But then who wants to feel like a Somali starving kid?!! I will die half way to that feeling!

I guess the real spiritual meaning is to deprive yourself from this basic daily need and habit, and not make the constant nagging of the body affect your daily activities, work, or study.

That is really a cool exercise. Try it for one day of you never have, and if you control your mood and stay positive, you win mind over body.

Now… Let’s talk about the Good…. [next episode]


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