Federal Authorities Settle Lawsuit From MI Muslim

CAIR-MI today welcomes the resolution of a No Fly List case in which a paralyzed Michigan Muslim was denied permission to fly when seeking medical assistance.

In November 2012, CAIR-MI joined Arab American Civil Rights League (ACRL) President Nabih Ayad during a press conference announcing a federal lawsuit on behalf of Jamal Rizk of Dearborn Heights, who was barred from flying without reason by federal law enforcement authorities.

SEE: Paralyzed Arab American put on ‘No Fly List’ without explanation (Arab American News)

Federal authorities yesterday stated that Rizk has now been officially removed from the No Fly List and will be able to travel without further hindrance.

“CAIR-MI joins ACRL in welcoming the positive resolution of Mr. Rizk being taken off of the No Fly List that he may travel for medical procedures and visit his family abroad,” said CAIR-MI Executive Director Dawud Walid. “We hope that federal authorities will show similar diligence in removing the thousands of American Muslims, who have been unjustly placed on the No Fly List without proper cause.”

Walid also noted that CAIR-MI has a pending federal lawsuit against the FBI and CBP for invasive religious questioning of Michigan Muslims when re-entering the country.

SEE: Muslim group files lawsuit against the feds (CNN)

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