The Traffic Scoop: Five Dearborn Traffic Areas to Avoid


Dearborners know that if your destination is through these parts, take an alternate route!

5. Ford Road and Oakman Boulevard: Prepare for outrageously long traffic lights, heavy car flow, and never-ending turn signals. Take Oakman to Miller or to Michigan Ave. instead.

4. Michigan Avenue (Between Oakman and Schlaff): It’s the traffic light alley of HELL! It’s fine after nine p.m. when most of the lights are flashing amber, but during rush hour it’s a hopeless battle to outwit those mocking red lights. Take Ford Road or even side-streets whenever possible.

3. Ford Road and Telegraph: The rush hour heap seems to pile up here as drivers skirt past a jammed Southfield Freeway to take this alternate route. But things don’t fare much better here. The Southfield service drive, or even Evergreen, can get you more for your minute.

2. Warren Avenue and Schaefer Road: The “main streets” of Dearborn intersect in a hotbed of aggressive drivers and congestion. Although the wait isn’t bad, be on high alert when approaching this intersection. It’s every man for himself!

Warren and Schaefer

1. Warrendale (Between Greenfield and Evergreen): Forget the food and the hookah: THIS. is the truest Middle Eastern manifestation in all of Dearborn, where streetlights, speed limits, driving lanes, and turn signals…mean NOTHING! Avoid this jungle of traffic mayhem at ALL costs! Take Ford Road as an alternate.

  1. Driving on Warren between Schaefer and Pinehurst is like driving in Beirut



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