The Gas Station War Zone

I have read before that the Gas Station Attendant job is one of the most dangerous in America.

Why do Arabs in Michigan insist on dominating this dirty business?

Are their lives cheap enough to be worth $9/hour + 50% chance of death?

And why can’t Gas Station attendants form a Union to defend their rights and demand more security?

And why do Gas Station businessmen keep attempting to open in dangerous areas?  If the local people are shooting you and stealing you, let them go to hell and shut down your business just like all the other businesses in these areas!

What is left in Detroit is Liquor Stores by Chaldeans and Gas Stations by Lebanese with mostly Yemeni attendants… isn’t that so stereotypical?!

I mean: YOU  ARE NOT WANTED THERE! so take your investment and do something better with your life, or whatever is left from it.

I am sure the owners don’t have their children working the night shift there!

But they are happy to employ any young honest guy for a night shift!

One owner told me that he doesn’t make much money from the night shift, but it is cheaper than the security needed at night!

You know why it is cheaper?! Because the life of the Gas Station attendant at night is cheap.

Wake up and invent some new businesses!!!  Manufacture something!  Build something!  Beautify something! Contribute to the progress of civilization in anyway… can you?!

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