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Detroit: One Nation Under A Groove

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WtoZvK1kB4&feature=youtu.be Let's Groove together this holiday season and all year long. Brought to you by VisitDetroit.com *** ONE NATION UNDER A GROOVE (Detroit’s Tribute to The Funk) Original song by Funkadelic was released in1978 by Warner Bros. Songwriters: George Clinton Jr., Walter Morrison and Garry Shider. Published by Bridgeport Music, Inc. BMI Performed by The ...

GenEd: Dumb Kids

Stop telling kids they're dumb by not telling kids they're dumb.

XO Detroit

​A​ few weeks ago the Downtown Detroit Markets opened for the summer season in Capitol Park, Cadillac Square and 1441 Woodward Collective. These markets are filled with a uniquely curated and high-quality collection of local retailers and will include a variety of event programming throughout the summer that you won’t want to miss including the ...

GenEd: The Roads Not Taken

Doctor. Lawyer. Pharmacist. Engineer. If all else fails, be a teacher. "It is concerning—if not blatantly outrageous—that an entire community’s sense of accomplishment boils down to these narrow, shallow, and utterly invalid standards of success."

Serving Time At Gas Station – Part 1

Did you serve your time? That is the nick name given to working in a gas station when you first immigrate to Dearborn or first start looking for a  job as a young Arab American. Although Gas Station Attendant is rated as one of the most dangerous jobs in America, Arab Americans, in Michigan specially, ...

GenEd: “Ladderal” Moves in Education

"We are not going to reform decades of educational malpractice by replacing chalkboards with smartboards, notebooks with chromebooks, instructional texts with instructional video...that is, gimmicks that continue to shove kids up the 'education' ladder. The problem is the ladder itself."

Urban Politics: Prospects for Metro Detroit

There is hope for equitable and resilient solutions in the complex metropolitan relationship but until then, addressing the honest root causes of the friction is the first step.

GenEd: A Cocky Teenage Girl and The Weeknd Changed My Life (Part Two: Abel)

If you don’t know who Abel Tesfaye is, then you are culturally illiterate.

GenEd: A Cocky Teenage Girl and The Weeknd Changed My Life (Part One: Lama)

Lama sat me down and made me humble. Then The Weeknd showed me that only losers go to school.