Is Dearborn A City or A Settlement?


What makes a city a city and not a settlement?!

A bunch of people living in houses in a large place makes a settlement.

In order for a settlement to become a city, things need to happen.

Dearborn House Display

A city is where humans build a network of services, activities, and relationships, paint it with culture, literature, heritage, and art, and create a vibrant life.

A city’s residents unite over a mission and a vision of the city…  how do they want to see their city in 5 years and 10 years and 50 years from now.

A city has an area where people walk and interact, and display their art and passions.  Has its authors, writers, poets, singers, painters, and philosophers.  Has an interactive mosaic of religions and ideologies singing together.

A city has neighborhoods with qualities.  Has traditional local businesses that interact with their neighbors.

Where is there a place to walk and talk in Dearborn?

Where are the musicians playing in Dearborn?

Where is the art of Dearborn residents displayed?

Where can I go to listen to the poetry of the city and its poets?

What are the residents trying to achieve in Dearborn?

English: Hyatt Regency Dearborn hotel, 600 Tow...

What are the concerns and the groups that are working to solve these concerns in Dearborn?

What is the vision, and do the residents know it?

Does the Mayor of Dearborn interact with the people to unite their vision?

How does its education rank among other cities?

How does it celebrate its multicultural strengths?

If you have convincing answers to these questions, then you believe in Dearborn as a city.

For me, I am still looking for some of these answers.

Mostly Green

  1. I think Dearborn has culture and strong family ties and the Mayor does a great job in our reach … but the other points you mentioned are most probably true.



  2. This is nonsense. You’re making it sound like dearborn’s some poor third world settlement with no production or culture of any kind. Which isn’t true. And Dearborns education is great what r u talkin about?



  3. So true! This town’s in a dark age.



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