The Burger Scoop: The Five Tastiest Halal Burgers In Town

By Yusuf Ameer

By Yusuf Ameer

Now, I’m no food critic, folks. I know nothing about the technicalities of burger-making, and my culinary expertise is limited to peeling an orange and flipping an egg …clumsily! But I do know one thing: I know a darn good burger when I taste one! And when Dearborners are out and about in search of halal grub, they seek out the best halal burgers in town! Here they are!


5. “The Mango Burger”–Mango’s I can’t say with any confidence that this my favorite burger. I wouldn’t even say that I totally like it. But I must confess that it’s very popular. Hungry Dearborners flock en masse to Warren Avenue for a good filling of the Mango Burger, which has served the Dearborn community for many years.

4. “The Station Burger”–Station Sandwiches Seriously! Where does this guy get his MEAT? With just one delicious, meaty bite, you know you’re indulging in the wondrous taste of a Station Burger. Highly recommended!

3. “Tuhama’s Coleslaw Burger”–Tuhama’s Every town in America has “that place”. You know what I’m talking about. That small, shabby, virtually unnoticeable little food shop that manufactures the best darn food known to man. Beloved outsiders, that’s Tuhama’s. Among its various delicious sandwiches and subs is its king: the Tuhama’s Burger. It’s as Lebanese as burgers come: topped with coleslaw instead of lettuce and tomato. The Tuhama’s Chicken Burger (whether grilled or fried) is also to die for!

2. “The Famous”–Famous Hamburger This single sandwich put this restaurant chain on the map. Once a tiny diner on the city’s outskirts, Famous Hamburger is now a large and successful restaurant with many branches around Metro Detroit, and all thanks is due to “The Famous”, the king of halal burgers. Be sure, though, to try it at its original location on Schaefer. I can’t vouch for other branch restaurants.

1. “The iBurger”–iBurger Only iBurger dared to take halal dining to the next level. This place is the only halal gourmet burger shop around, and nobody does it better. Made with fresh vegetables and its unique 100% Halal Angus Beef, the iBurger is my #1 choice as the tastiest and most satisfying halal burger in town. Of course, this meal isn’t without its critics. Some argue that it isn’t worth its price, (which is $3.00 more than its competitors). But I respectfully dismiss the competitors. iBurger is in a league of its own, and it isn’t a cent overpriced!

  1. I Can’t believe that the station burger is even on this list. It is one of the worst hamburgers you can ever buy. I also believe that the famous burger should’ve been the number one burger.



    1. Have you tried the iburger?



      1. I did after I read this blog. It was awesome.


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