Eps. 7 We Are In This Together – Hanan Yahya from Detroit [Video/Podcast]

Hanan Ali Yahya is a first-generation Yemeni-American raised in Detroit. She graduated from the University of Michigan in 2016 where she studied Urban Studies and Entrepreneurship. She currently works as the Community and Policy Coordinator for Detroit City Council Member Raquel Castaneda-Lopez.

We Are In This Together is an unscripted live broadcast program that collects conversations and oral reflections of humans from different aspects of life in different parts of the world during the Corona Virus Pandemic and Social Isolation situation.

In her current position, she serves as the liaison between City Council and the District 6 community; building the capacity of community groups and leaders to address neighborhood challenges and advocate for policy changes. Building a Detroit where every voice is valued is the vision of Team Rocky. The team works with a guiding mission to promote a just and thriving Detroit through community advocacy, public service, and inclusive policy.

Hanan thrives in innovative organizations and is passionate about social entrepreneurship and public service. She invests her free time exploring the world, building socially innovative projects, and fostering her self-development.



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