The Winter Scoop: Four Ways to Enjoy the Snow in Metro Detroit

This one’s a bit late in the season, I admit. But in Michigan, you NEVER know when frigid February will strike again!


It may not be Aspen or the Alps, but Dearborn does have its fair share of winter entertainment. When frost hits, consider any of these wintry pastimes.

4. Hemlock Park: East Dearborn   Hemlock Hill serves as a year-round thrill ride for the daring. In the summertime, bikes zoom down its precipitous edge, dodging pothole and pedestrians. But during Michigan’s icy winters, it is overcrowded with Dearborn’s jovial sledders. This is a great place to enjoy winter’s icy white blanket.

3. Hines Park: “The Wayne County Lightfest”   Surrounded by white woods and snow-spangled nature, this dazzling Christmas spectacle lingers in the minds of Dearborn children for generations. A fantastic wonderland of divine winter frost and Christmas lights, Hines Park is a great weaving drive of scenic beauty.

2. Ford Field: West Dearborn   The Ford Field slope is a true sledder’s dream! Towering high and steep, kids of all ages swarm its heights on icy snowdays to conquer its frosty glory. Don’t miss out on the best sledding in town!

Thiele Postcard Snowman Winter Sports gdl -1

1. Campus Martius: Downtown Detroit   Don’t let the bad rep fool you; Detroit is where it’s at! Campus Martius in Downtown is among the most vibrant and charming winter spectacles in the nation. Centered amidst towering buildings and crowned with a dazzling Christmas tree, this outdoor ice skating rink attracts thousands of Metro residents from all walks of life every year. The best part? It’s only a fifteen-minute drive away from Dearborn!

  1. “Dodging pedestrians” lol so true



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