Quasimodo… you have nothing to worry about!…..

Years ago, on a cold snowy winter day, I recall randomly walking into a remote café, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, punch drunken by overwhelm and struck by emotion. I saw her, and she was beautiful. I made one mistake though … I did not pay attention to where I was. Unlike James Blunt I didn’t have a plan, my life was brilliant and she was beautiful….but I took her for granted thinking I would see her again. I didn’t ask her for her name and I didn’t get her number.

Ten years removed, on another cold snowy winter day, I saw her face in a crowded place and the music sprang in my head:

“you’re beautiful, it’s true, there must be an angel with a smile on her face, when she thought up that I should be with you,”

I have found her in an unfrequented place and she was UGLY….huh???

For the unsophisticated……I am talking about one of my favorite remote cafés: the Ugly Mug. Walking in and taking in the wide aroma of freshly brewed artesian coffee, blue-green paint, skulls, spiritual statutes, endless walls of local art, indie rock music, and a soup of stainless steel and concrete….I found my hipster grunge refuge.

Quasimodo you have nothing to worry about, you are still king of ugliness; there’s nothing much unpleasant about the Ugly Mug (unless you’re closed minded and unappreciative of the finer things in life).

So I am exaggerating a bit….but if you’re a coffee lover like me then don’t miss out on this experience. Located in the heart of Ypsilanti about a half hour drive down I-94 from Dearborn and just 5 minutes from Ann Arbor.


Photos from uglymugcafeandroastery.com/ and my phone.

  1. Nice Article! and a Nice Place!



  2. I see they have sandwiches. How are they?



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