Empower Your Child’s Future

It’s more important now than ever to empower children by giving them the tools they need to develop their own identity and life skills.

Our drastically changing world has answered many of our needs but has also raised more questions. It is transforming the way our children are being raised and how they live and learn in the 21st century.

Phones, tablets, computers, tv, social media, etc., – we’re constantly talking and complaining about their influence. Beyond monitoring and time management, we are not teaching children enough about how to survive and thrive in the world.

It’s more important now than ever to empower children by giving them the tools they need to develop their own identity and life skills!

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The W Institute was founded on this premise and need for more opportunities for educational spaces that teach valuable skills! Check out their 4 latest bootcamps below offered during the school year. Register your child today: winstitute.co


Register today: winstitute.co                                                                                                      Every Saturday for 10 Months                                                                                                     9AM-12PM

Children learn the listening-comprehension, speaking, reading and writing skills while enjoying a flavor of the fascinating Arab heritage.

If you are an Arab or Muslim heritage parent and want to improve your children’s Arabic language skills away from scholastic boring programs, this program will be ideal for you.

Register today: winstitute.co                                                                                                          Last Saturday of every month for 10 months                                                                         12:30PM-4:30PM

This camp cultivate critical thinkers who learn to use their voice to drive creative change in their community.

Students who complete our programs learn to build upon the confidence, community awareness and social skills necessary for a successful academic and professional life. At our camp, teens will produce their own original, creative stories!

We teach teens the skills and lessons needed to shoot quality photos and produce a digital short film from start to finish from screenwriting to shooting and video editing.

Register today: winstitute.co
First Saturday of Each Month for 10 Months
12:30PM – 4:30PM
Month 1: Art Appreciation: Drawing – Music – Performance
Month 2: Experimenting with Instruments – Choosing Paths
Month 3: Paths Lesson One – Introductions
Month 4: Paths Lesson Two – Beginner A
Month 5: Paths Lesson Three – Beginner B
Month 6: Paths Lesson Four – Beginner C
Month 7: Paths Lesson Five – Beginner Advanced A
Month 8: Paths Lesson Six – Beginner Advanced B
Month 9: Paths Lesson Seven – Beginner Advanced C
Month 10: Paths Lesson Eight – Recitals and Gallery

BOOTCAMP 4: Coding for Teens!                                                                                            Register today at winstitute.co                                                                                                           10 Bootcamps For Ages 10-13, 14-17
Second Saturday of Each Month
12:30PM – 4:30PM
Month 1: HTML5
Month 2: CSS3
Month 3: Bootstrap
Month 4: Javascript
Month 5: Javascript
Month 6: jQuery
Month 7: Angular
Month 8: Node.js
Month 9: NPM
Month 10: AJAX/json


Bootcamp flyer

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