Have You Audited Yourself?

When was the last time you sat your self down and had an honest conversation with yourself? An honest one. Most people have not. If you’re the type of person with goals and dreams and know deep down that you’re capable of achieving them then you should almost always audit yourself.

From the candy bar, you eat to the major life decision you make. All of it. Must be audited. If your goals are high then the standard of how you perform daily must be high as well. This new age of “I’ll work when I feel good” does nothing but make you a little less disciplined every time you give in to your self-indulgence and shower yourself with instant gratification. It does nothing but wastes your limited days leaving you in a state of mental blur filled with delusion. I’m not saying don’t go and spend your time enjoying things, I’m saying that If you’re HONEST about your goals and dreams and you want to ACTUALLY achieve them, then you should be rolling up your sleeves every damn day and putting your head down to work. And by the way, your tolerance level to work will be relieved, it will only be hard for the first couple weeks, then you’ll get used to it; to the point where all your instant-gratification will purely come ONLY from achieving MORE work and watching yourself climb higher to that big dream. You will sincerely love working on that goal/dream once you get used to the daily workload. It becomes second nature very fast. For God’s sake, we’re one of the most evolved species out there. Your mind will adapt and you will be on auto-pilot, everything will feel so easy and so simple. You will always be in “flow”–(pure efficiency in work).

Personally, I’m running at around 65% efficiency and am climbing very quickly by the DAY. The work I do was so difficult at the start and I couldn’t mentally handle it because it was such a SHOCK to my instant gratification system. Trust me, just force yourself, and a few steps down the journey you will feel this amazing euphoric feeling EVERY single time you’re working on that dream; even with long 10-hour sittings. Audit yourself, understand that work WILL become “flow”, and climb that ladder!

Good Luck.

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