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WORD MAN Hosts the Dearborn Open Mic

lets talk about the dearborn open mic

Arabs in the Eye of the Beholder: Stereotypes of Arabs in European and American Literature and Art

The Arab American Center for Culture and Arts is pleased to present a talk titled: Arabs in the Eye of the Beholder: Stereotypes of Arabs in European and American Literature and Art by Dr. Wessam Elmeligi Director of the Comparative Literature and Arabic Translation Certificates at the University of Michigan-Dearborn and a member of AACA Hosted by Wissam Charafeddine wissamc.com Thursday June 24 7pm Detroit

How My Style Found Me

 I remember being four years old and I would go with my mom to run errands or visit her friends. Wherever I had no friends to play with, my mom would always have a pencil and some notebook in her purse that she would hand to me so I can draw. I grew up loving to draw and ...

We Arab Americans and Muslims Are Voting for Bernie. Because He’s Jewish

Source: https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/.premium-we-arab-americans-and-muslims-are-voting-for-bernie-because-he-s-jewish-1.8560210?fbclid=IwAR2Q63G8ZgcCqpLX3Dy3roUtacOaoJov4wT6ABaIsspruWSg3GxlVm0TRnA I'm a Palestinian Arab American. My father is a Palestinian Christian. My mother is a Palestinian Muslim. (They're hippies, obviously.) Both of my parents were driven from their birthplaces of Yafa and Akka by Israel. After my birth in Jordan, I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I then attended college, ...

Dearborn Open Mic – Trans Revolution -Syria in the Hearts of the Diaspora by Prof. Hani Bawardi

Hani Bawardi is Associate Professor of History in the Department of Social Sciences, and principal member of the Center of Arab American Studies at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. He is the author of The Making of Arab Americans: From Syrian Nationalism to U.S. Citizenship. Bawardi has amassed a sizable private collection of manuscripts, and established ...

Dearborn’s Ali Charafeddine Shares Success Mindset and Promotes Knowledge through Acez Top Ten Takeaways

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94W0F9T0PQ4 Ali Charafeddine is a young Arab-American Entrepreneur, currently a Senior Director of Banking at Quicken Loans, and the founder and CEO of Acez Media.  Ali started his entrepreneurial career sponsoring events during his Highschool years (Fordson High School).  He then grew a distribution business with his brothers into a $1.4 million company. He represents ...

Have You Audited Yourself?

When was the last time you sat your self down and had an honest conversation with yourself? An honest one. Most people have not. If you're the type of person with goals and dreams and know deep down that you're capable of achieving them then you should almost always audit yourself. From the candy bar, ...

Serving Time At Gas Station – Part 1

Did you serve your time? That is the nick name given to working in a gas station when you first immigrate to Dearborn or first start looking for a  job as a young Arab American. Although Gas Station Attendant is rated as one of the most dangerous jobs in America, Arab Americans, in Michigan specially, ...

A Brooklyn Native and Arab Film Maker Moves to Dearborn

“A genuine odyssey is not about piling up experiences. It is a deeply felt, risky, unpredictable tour of the soul. “ - Thomas Moore Mo Rida is an independent writer and producer known for establishing the popular 48 Hour Film Project in the Middle East. The 48 Hour Film Project is a filmmaking competition that ...

Being black and Arab in Dearborn

"We are always talking about how there is so much racism towards the Arab community, but never talk about the racism in it."

Dearborn Open Mic Brings The Arab American Poets of Dearborn Together

Ranging from immigrant strife, yearning to homeland, expressing Middle East political struggles, to love and passion poetry, poets from Dearborn gather in the first Open Mic in Dearborn that focuses on Arab American poetry, creative writing, short story, and artistic expression.

Pride, Tradition, Legacy: Fordson High School, A Microcosm of Arab-American Diaspora (1/2)

There was the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is not so much an expose, as it is a meditation on what I now consider a unique experience that I could have only received at Fordson.

Enduring The American Justice System

But it was more disheartening to realize that there was no way this man was going to get out with a clean record.

A Yemeni-American Experience

If you were to enter my neighborhood, you might be either shocked or feel very at home, Here are some things you would notice....