WORD MAN Hosts the Dearborn Open Mic

lets talk about the dearborn open mic

i am


and this is the


0123.3 1500 im writing this so i can introduce the dearborn open mic so here it goes the dearborn open mic is where we come to share our stories and express ourselves the show is free and we want everyone to come on out to watch and have some fun we meet up in the auditorium of the arab american museum and its held on every third wednesday of the month

heres a list of dates of all the shows

january 18

february 15

march 15

april 19

may 17

june 21

july 19

august 16

september 20

october 18

november 15

december 20

the program starts at 7 i will host and introduce our talents for the night performances will be of several kinds song and dance poems spoken word storytelling and exhibiting art even music and some dancing too anything youd like to see well do

so all you have to do is come on out and watch our show or sign up to perform

heres the sign up link and qr code

sign up link: https://linktr.ee/dearbornopenmiceng

and heres our first performance of the year

so come on out we hope to see you there be good have fun and always spread the WORD 🙏🏻

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