Dearborn’s Ali Charafeddine Shares Success Mindset and Promotes Knowledge through Acez Top Ten Takeaways

Ali Charafeddine is a young Arab-American Entrepreneur, currently a Senior Director of Banking at Quicken Loans, and the founder and CEO of Acez Media.  Ali started his entrepreneurial career sponsoring events during his Highschool years (Fordson High School).  He then grew a distribution business with his brothers into a $1.4 million company. He represents hope for the greater Dearborn area and the content that he is producing on Acez media has been inspiring for a number of marketers worldwide. Ali has decided to share some of his knowledge and success from the company in take away videos about some of his strategies including success mindset.

In a vlogging experience Ali Charafeddine is also going to be sharing some of the information from the books in what he calls top ten takeaways. Using some knowledge that he acquired from other business owners and their books, these top 10 takeaways will cover everything from book summaries to some of the latest strategies that Acez media has used. The Acesz Media TTT (Top Ten Takeaways) will be an ongoing content journey produced by the company.

Following some of these stories could give you access to some incredible advice moving forward. Ali and the members of his company have continued to attend ongoing seminars, books and training sessions to learn more about sales, marketing and more. The highly skilled and well trained individuals producing these entertaining videos can provide a streamlined process for learning years of their knowledge.

People have a hard time being inspired. Every single day when you wake up, you’re blessed. Ace has an intense thought process when it comes to life and obstacles. His motivation comes from within. He is someone to go to when you need help with getting a push. In these motivational videos he will be talking about trending topics out there and challenging the majority of the population with taking their thinking and mindset to the next level. ACEZ MOTIVATION


Acez TTT program is just one division of a successful company. Acez Media as other branches including its entertainment division, music division and a new clothing line. By following some of the videos that they publish on success mindset and staying subscribed to the top 10 takeaways youtube channel, you can get consistent access to their knowledge and use it to expand your own capabilities as a business owner. Ali Charafeddine and his company Acez Media represents what a successful entrepreneurial mindset can do to supercharge an idea into a career!

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