Dearborn Open Mic – Mr. Yousef Alqamoussi Reciting “Crazy” and “Hegdar”

Dearborn Open Mic is organized by Dearborn Blog and usually hosted by the Arab American Museum. We thank Adonis Restuarant for hosting this episode of the Dearborn Open Mic.

Wissam Charafeddine, founder of Dearborn Open Mic and Dearborn Blog, introduced Yousef with the following:

Yousef is the author of numerous collections of poetry, short stories, and essays, including “Renegade Rebel”, “The Massacre of Heartbreak Morrow”, and an upcoming book titled “Chapter One: Costa Rica”. He holds a Master of Education in ESL and teaches English and Language Arts in Dearborn, Michigan. I have had the privilege of knowing Yousef through stages. I was his teacher in his teens. I was his coworker in his 20’s. I can easily say that he is one of my best friends now.

Yousef is a renaissance genius. Although his genius is expressed through chess, mastery of English and Spanish, playing harmonica, teaching skills, GenEd series on Dearborn Blog, acting, creative process, but there is nothing more expressive of his talent that his writing. He has an absolutely magical pen. The only obstacle Yousef has in my opinion, is that he is very advanced for our time. His writing and thoughts can be scene rebellious in many cases, misunderstood in others, but his power of persuasion through eloquence and reason, makes his pen a notable Arab American asset, a shield, or a weapon when needed to be. His upcoming book: Chapter One: Costa Rica .. is a travel memoir that transformed to become a representation of the globalized digitized young conscious, and its struggle to find itself and preserve it among the waves of change and digital deconstruction of humanism. Without further due … Yousef …


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