Remote Work Wins But Here Are Our Tips!

86% said that working alone allows them to hit maximum productivity, and 65% said that remote work would give their productivity a boost in a recent survey.

Focus is the new currency, and with remote work, that can be optimum.  Also, the reduction to carbon print, and so much unnecessary wasted resources, from the gas driving to work, time spent in commune, the toll on streets and highways, the use of utilities both at your home and at your work space, to the food needed to be purchased at work, and the duplication of internet service and all electronics associated with work!

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Don’t be fooled about team work! Remote work makes the best teammates, because communication is clear and purposeful, and it is not based on physical distance.  92% of workers say that video collaboration actually improves their teamwork.

We at W Design and Development have cut out all the working space and converted our operation to 100% remote work.  We have expanded our options of work force to all over the globe, so we hire talents from all over the world!  We also have put our resources on one leadership and team development meeting a year done in a resort in South Florida and we call it the Annual Strategic Meeting (ASM).

Here are some tips from our experience:

  1. Get dressed to work and don’t stay in your pajamas or shorts.  It will put you in a different and more serious and productive mind set.
  2. Create a work space and use a planner (off course we recommend the W Planner)
  3. Remove all distractions
  4. Do not accept non-work related calls
  5. Shut down social media
  6. Have lunch time and don’t access kitchen outside the lunch time
  7. No TV!
  8. Use Pomodoro to time yourself.
  9. Report to someone
  10. Shut down workstation when work is done

We encourage you all to consider this option for the future, and you can consult with us for free in that regard by commenting on the article below.



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