Ep. 4 – The Diplomat with Dr. Ali Ajami

In a series of interviews, Ambassador Dr. Ali Ajami will be reflecting on his life journey as a teacher, a journalist, and a diplomat.  The interviews will explore history as witnessed by Ambassador Dr. Ali Ajami during his life time, and the various posts he occupied in his professional life.

The interviews are conducted by Wissam Charafeddine, founder and CEO of Dearborn Blog.

In this episode, we discuss Dr. Ali Ajami’s assignment in Sultanat of Oman, and then his reassignment to Beirut.  We talk about the Tahreer (freedom from Israeli Occupation) in the year 2000, the attacks of September 11, 2001, the pressure on Syrians to leave Lebanon, and Dr. Ajami’s relationship with the Lebanese Speaker of the House, Nabih Berri.

You can listen to the interviews by following Dearborn Blog podcast on iTunes Podcast or on Stitcher App.  Also they will be available on DearbornBlog.com as audio files.


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