Dearborn Open Mic – Rewa Zeinati recites Permanent Resident 4-17-2019


Rewa is the founder of Sukoon.

Sukoon is an independent, online literary journal, publishing Arab-themed art and literature in English, by established and emerging artists, poets, and writers of short stories and personal essays. 

Writers need not be Arab nor of Arab origin, but all writing must reflect the diversity and richness of the cultures of the Arab world.

The aim is to showcase the diversity of ‘Arab’ identity and experience within the Anglophone literary landscape, in order to escape narrow perceptions and understandings of the term.  And just as importantly, to carve out a natural and necessary space for the Arab anglophone narrative to exist within the anglophone literary landscape.

Sukoon is an Arabic word meaning “stillness.” By stillness we don’t mean silence, but rather the opposite of silence. What we mean by Sukoon is the stillness found within as the artist follows his/her inner calling to express and create; a calling that compels the artist to continue on his/her creative path for the sole reason that he/she doesn’t know how not to.


Rewa on Instagram:

  1. […] program will be MC’ed by Rewa Zeinati, editor in chief and founder of Sukoon magazine, and one of the organizers of Dearborn Open […]



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