Dearborn Open Mic Presents Special Program of Poetry and Art for Mother’s Day this Wednesday

Dearborn Open Mic is brought to you by the Arab American Center for Culture and Arts and Dearborn Blog, and is sponsored by W Institute, W Design and Development, and Freethinking Society.

Next program will be MC’ed by Rewa Zeinati, editor in chief and founder of Sukoon magazine, and one of the organizers of Dearborn Open Mic.

Yasmine Rukia will be the featured poet, and Nada Hassan will be the featured artist with her minimalist series about motherhood called “You Have My Heart”.

There will be about 30 minutes for open mic poetry, with 3-5 minutes for each poet. Those who are interested can sign up at

The music section will be presented by musician and artist Zeyad NasrCopy of DOME April 2019.png, who will talk about Mahmood Darwish’s song “I yearn for my mother’s bread” and perform it.

We hope to see you all there. The program starts at 7PM and ends about 8:30PM. Lecture and Standup comedy will be canceled this month to make the program shorter for Ramadan.


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