Arab Identity Episode 4: Arab Awakening (ALNahda) Part 1 [podcast/video]

Arab American Center for Culture and Arts present Arab Identity Part 1 – Episode 4 – Arab Awakening (AlNahda) Part 1 of 2 with Guest Dr. Tareq A. Ramadan. AlNahda, also referred to as the Arab Renaissance or Enlightenment, was a cultural movement that flourished in Arabic-speaking regions of the Ottoman Empire, notably in Egypt, Lebanon and Syria, during the second half of the 19th century and the early 20th century. In traditional scholarship, the Nahda is seen as connected to the cultural shock brought on by Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt in 1798, and the reformist drive of subsequent rulers such as Muhammad Ali of Egypt. However, more recent scholarship has shown the Nahda’s cultural reform program to have been as “autogenetic” as it was Western-inspired, having been linked to the Tanzimat—the period of reform within the Ottoman Empire which brought a constitutional order to Ottoman politics and engendered a new political class—as well as the later Young Turk Revolution and the birth of Arab national movements, allowing proliferation of the press and other publications and internal changes in political economy and communal reformations in Egypt and Syria and Lebanon. Joining us to discuss AlNahda and why is it important to know about it today in shaping our Arab Identity, and how can it inspire us for the future, Dr. Tarek Ramadan. Dr. Tareq A. Ramadan is an interdisciplinary professor of Anthropology and Near Eastern Studies and regularly teaches courses in Middle Eastern, Arab and Islamic history, society, politics, and culture at Wayne State University and Henry Ford College.


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