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Dearborn Blog is a space for the diverse voices of the great city of Dearborn to be heard. Dearborn is a city rooted in innovation, entrepreneurship, diversity, tolerance, and building the American Dream. Dearborn Blog aspires to capture that spirit.

​The Power of Our Human Voice, from Marconi to Woods Hole, MA. by B. Nimri Aziz July 12, 2019

Heard “Trader Joe’s” podcast yet? I don’t know who might listen to a 22-minute corporate ad. But, given how cool podcasts have become: hey, that sounds inviting. The idea is also an implicit endorsement for radio-- because that’s where podcasting originated. Yes. I don’t want to disenchant young progressives for whom podcasts are their go-to ...

المنتدى الثقافي في ديربورن – مايكل إبراهيم و مقدمة حول التقاسيم العربية على العود Michael Ibrahim And An Introduction of Arabic Taqaseem

The National Arab Orchestra’s founder and music director, Michael Ibrahim, is a dynamic conductor and a recognized innovator in the Arab music circuit. A Metro-Detroit native, he was born into a Syrian immigrant family of humble origins. He began his musical studies on the ‘Ud, and later studying the Bassoon and Nay as his musical ...

Intimacies From An Awful War. “For Sama” by Waad Al-Kateab and Edward Watts, reviewed by BN Aziz

July 25, 2019 If you think you’ve seen enough of conflict, especially the war in Syria, you haven’t. From love of nation and loathing of military rule, from inchoate hope of redemption and improbable determination, indebted to lost friends and seeded in the birth of your child, comes an intimate demonstration of how war happens ...

المنتدى الثقافي في ديربورن – الأستاذ علي أديب – نظرية المؤامرة في العقل العربي

الاستاذ علي أديب يتكلم حول نظرية المؤامرة في العقل العربي في المنتدى الثقافي في ديربورن

Independence Rethink – any day is good to search American history

A few moments of holiday time can be useful to review some history we may think are well known. Here are two events to add to our repertoire of notifications and reflections in connection with US Independence Day. from columnist Robert Hennelly-- facts to remember about New Jersey state history. NJ women had the ...

Dearborn Open Mic – Tariq Luthun Guest Poet at DOME – June 2019   Tariq recites two more poems:

Dearborn Open Mic – featured visual artist: Maha Hamayed 6-19-19   Dearborn Blog is sponsored by: