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Dearborn Blog is a space for the diverse voices of the great city of Dearborn to be heard. Dearborn is a city rooted in innovation, entrepreneurship, diversity, tolerance, and building the American Dream. Dearborn Blog aspires to capture that spirit.

Dearborn Open Mic – I want you happy by Ali Al Arithy   Dearborn Blog Sponsors:

National Arab Orchestra – Ghadan – Suad Bushnaq

National Arab Orchestra On the Shoulders of Giants: Arab Women In Music November 10, 2018 Trinity University, San Antonio TX Ghadan - Suad Bushnaq Violins: Layth Sidiq, Katie VanDusen, Insia Malik, Laura Harada, Nady Benyamine, Eylem Basaldi, Roberto Riggio, Sachiyo Yoshimoto, Jumanah Hassan. Viola: Megan Gould, Marandi Hostetter, Andrea Vercoe. Cello: George Crotty. Bass: Jonathan ...

Dearborn Open Mic presents featured poet Yasmine Rukia [5 Videos]    

Arab Women at Work– Simone Fattal’ NY Exhibition. by B Nimri Aziz

Retrospective Exhibition of Simone Fatal-- MoMA PS1, NY Even in New York, it’s not often one has an opportunity to view a sculpture exhibit on the scale of Simone Fattal’s 50-year retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art PS 1. It’s a splendid assemblage of work—247 items— from a prolific artist generously distributed over spacious ...

Siham Jaafar:True to Self and Identity

Part 1: Part 2:  

Imam Dr. Salie Achmat: Using Pedagogy to Edify, Rectify, Transform, Predict, and Serve

This lecture was given in the Muslimish conference in Dearborn in 2018. It was recently published on Muslimish Youtube channel. Part 1:   Part 2: