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Dearborn Open Mic – Michael Fawaz – Dreams of Water

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Dearborn Open Mic – Trans Revolution -Syria in the Hearts of the Diaspora by Prof. Hani Bawardi

Hani Bawardi is Associate Professor of History in the Department of Social Sciences, and principal member of the Center of Arab American Studies at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. He is the author of The Making of Arab Americans: From Syrian Nationalism to U.S. Citizenship. Bawardi has amassed a sizable private collection of manuscripts, and established ...

GenEd: Dodgeball Repeats Itself (Part One)

"Math and language matter; history doesn't." How can I prove my students wrong?

GenEd: Kill the Mockingbird, Already!

As a serious study of American racism, Harper Lee’s "Mockingbird" is shallow, misleading, and actually quite dangerous.

GenEd: Dumb Kids

Stop telling kids they're dumb by not telling kids they're dumb.

​State Board Appoints Michael Rice As Next State Superintendent

May 7, 2019 LANSING – The State Board of Education today selected Dr. Michael Rice to be Michigan’s next State Superintendent. Following a full day interviewing three finalists, the State Board voted 5-3 to appoint the 56-year-old Rice, over the other candidates: Wayne RESA Superintendent Randy Liepa, and Ann Arbor Public Schools Superintendent Jeanice Swift. ...

GenEd: “Real Words”

Ordering minority groups to “speak proper English” suppresses and negates their culture and identity.

علي عجمي وهاني بواردي يستعرضان تاريخ العرب الأميركيين والحضارة العربية في جامعة ميشيغن-ديربورن

من زمن الفراعنة والفينيقيين وصولاً لسقوط الأندلس وحكم العثمانيين، تنّقل الدكتور السفير علي عجمي مع الزمان والمكان، حاملاً صوراً مجهولة ومطموسة عن تاريخ العرب تحت عنوان: «بُناة الحضارة». سلّط السفير الضوء على ماضي التنوير العربي معيداً بعث رماد كتب بغداد المحترقة من مياه دجلة. استعرض عجمي بمحاضرته التي ألقاها في جامعة ميشيغن-ديربورن (يو أف أم) ...

Podcast Series: Arab American Identity with Dr. Hani Bawardi Eps. 4

In this episode, Wissam Charafeddine discusses with Dr. Hani Bawardi the First Arab Conference in Paris in 1913.

GenEd: All Testing Left Behind

Testing, not kids, is what's failing across America.